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Studio 8 Pilates is here to bring the potent & healing practice of Pilates to more bodies in Chicago. By focusing on contemporary, intelligent, biomechanically-efficient exercises that provide maximum results without the risk of injury, Pilates can benefit everyone. 


Our instructors have years of collective Pilates experience. With expertise in Pre & Post Natal Pilates, injury rehabilitation, weight loss and body transformations, our instructors are simply the best in Chicago. Each trainer is uniquely passionate about intelligent, biomechanically efficient exercise that provides maximum results without the risk of injury.

Beth Ruder

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Beth Ruder is a senior instructor at Studio 8 and has been teaching Pilates since 2005. Her approach to Pilates instruction focuses on a refined sense of how we move, how we think about our bodies, and how the two relate. She strives to create an inclusive environment where her students are given the tools to experience their personal best. 

Beth Ruder has been studying the Pilates Method since 2002. Beth was certified through Pilates Unlimited in 2005 and started teaching at The Pilates and Yoga Center of St. Louis right away. After 2 years of working as a Teacher Training Assistant with Karen Sanzo of Pilates Unlimited, she became a lead Teacher Trainer in 2008 working both in Omaha and in St. Louis. Looking for a deeper understanding of the body, Beth went to graduate school at the University of Illinois where she studied Interpretive and Cultural Kinesiology. While in school, she was asked to create curriculum for and teach Pilates and Yoga courses in the Kinesiology Department. She completed her Masters in the summer of 2008, researching adolescent girlhood and girls' difficult relationship with their bodies. 

After graduate school, Beth moved back home to St. Louis and worked at her home studio, The Pilates and Yoga Center of St. Louis. It was exciting to get back to teaching and working with both new and former clients. She continued to develop a strong understanding of the delicate nature of movement patterns and the subtlety of the Pilates movement principles. Still very interested in teaching teachers, she trained in California and received her Pilates Instructor Certification through Balanced Body. She was the premiere Teacher Trainer at The Pilates and Yoga Center of St. Louis from 2010-2013 and tested out many of the Pilates Instructors in the area. 

In 2013, Beth relocated to Texas and with a mission to give Pilates more of a voice in the fitness and wellness community there. Beth has designed and led workshops for teachers and movement practitioners looking at anatomy and biomechanics, the purpose of Pilates techniques, and the relationship students have with their bodies. In her 11 years of teaching experience, Beth has trained young women, people with injuries, and even a 77-year-old first-time Iron Man athlete. Beth's safe yet challenging methods help students of all shapes and sizes experience their personal best.



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