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Studio 8 Pilates is here to bring the potent & healing practice of Pilates to more bodies in Chicago. By focusing on contemporary, intelligent, biomechanically-efficient exercises that provide maximum results without the risk of injury, Pilates can benefit everyone. 


Our instructors have years of collective Pilates experience. With expertise in Pre & Post Natal Pilates, injury rehabilitation, weight loss and body transformations, our instructors are simply the best in Chicago. Each trainer is uniquely passionate about intelligent, biomechanically efficient exercise that provides maximum results without the risk of injury.

Kristen Bernier

Christine Hall


Kristen Bernier is a choreographer, dancer, Pilates Instructor, and arts administrator. She holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Dance from Florida State University. There, she assisted and trained under Dr. Tom Welsh, a leading Dance Scientist and Pilates instructor, learning many of the holistic benefits of Pilates as a cross-training method. Introduced to the Joseph Pilates Method as a tool for strengthening her dancing, Kristen focuses on developing mind-body coordination, injury prevention, correcting muscular imbalances and strengthening the core as a means to reinforce movement. She received her Pilates Certification through Balanced Body University in 2014 and her Pilates apparatus certification through Core Chicago Pilates under Holly Swanson in 2016. 




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