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Studio 8 Pilates is here to bring the potent & healing practice of Pilates to more bodies in Chicago. By focusing on contemporary, intelligent, biomechanically-efficient exercises that provide maximum results without the risk of injury, Pilates can benefit everyone. 


Semi-private & Duet Pilates Sessions

There is no substitute for expert personal attention. Our equipment is sophisticated and our trainers are some of the best in Chicago. Private instruction great way to start, or go deeper; and a fantastic way to work with injuries, or strategic goals. You'll leave feeling stronger & invigorated.

Duet (Semi-Private) pilates Sessions

Attention for Two! 


While there is no substitute for expert personal attention, the next best is semi-private and duet training. You and a friend will be able to train together at a discounted rate, without sacrificing all of the benefits on a one-on-one session. This is the perfect option if you and a friend are working on similar goals, or have a synched-up training schedule. Partner training can bring out the best in you, keeping you on your toes and accountable to your commitments.


About the Pilates Apparatus


This sophisticated piece of equipment encourages length through the tissues, but also demands stability, focus and sustained effort. This is achieved through eccentric muscle contractions: the muscle lengthening as it resists force. This is what creates the long, lean bulk-free look Pilates is famous for producing. The marriage of range of motion, strength & stretch brings about a holistic balance in the body.


Expect a custom, laser-focused session designed to meet both of your goals, tailored precisely to your bodies.

On the equipment, there is no place for muscular and structural imbalances to hide. This is what makes it so perfect for people working with injuries, and other conditions. It encourages - through slow & smoothly controlled movement sets - the equilibrium of strength, and your body responds over time by correcting for over & under compensations that often are a natural outcropping of injuries & conditions like scoliosis.

Studio 8 Pilates, is a wonderful Pilates studio, low key and without affectation but not without impact. You will definitely feel stronger and more flexible and this will positively influence other parts of your life. It also helps that Christine is a fantastic instructor and knows just how to push you that extra bit more to reach your goals. And she has a great sense of humor.

-Amy K.

Duet (Semi-Private) Session Packages

DUETS (Per person)

Single Session
5 Sessions
2 month expiration


10 Sessions
3 month expiration



studio owner/SENIOr instructor
duets (per person)

Single Session
Buy $85
5 Sessions
2 month expiration
Buy $375


10 Sessions
3 month expiration
Buy $700


I was first introduced to pilates by my best friend who wanted to try something new. We took a duets class with Christine. I had hesitated at first mainly because of the unknown but Christine made our first session unforgettable. Love Christine's way of teaching & guiding. She has a way of making you extremely aware of your body mechanics which I appreciate! Who knew small, slow controlled movements went a long way! As an Registered Ultrasound Tech my arms, neck, upper back, etc… go through a great deal of stress and I do believe Pilates has helped! Also other several things I noticed, my body changed, I felt stronger/leaner/toned, but most importantly I swear that it helped me IMMENSELY with my cramps. I honestly should of tried this years ago! Christine is forever accommodating beyond belief. The studio is amazingly clean and open. Parking is easy & free! So it was a win-win every way I looked at it! Love Studio 8 and Christine!

-Alicia B.


Our "Oopsie" Refund Policy
We provide our clients 3 business days for all membership/package purchases to think about your selection. If you decide you've made the wrong decision, you can cancel or exchange your unused membership/package for any reason without penalty within those 3 business days. After the 3 business days all packages are non-refundable and non-transferrable.

Cancellation Policy
24 hour notice is required for cancellation of all private, duet, mat, and group equipment sessions. Less than 24 hour notice will result in a full charge for the missed session.


Have questions about working together one-on-one or semi-privately?