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Studio 8 Pilates is here to bring the potent & healing practice of Pilates to more bodies in Chicago. By focusing on contemporary, intelligent, biomechanically-efficient exercises that provide maximum results without the risk of injury, Pilates can benefit everyone. 

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Kristen Gets Incredible Results at Studio 8 Pilates!

"Pilates has been the best fit for me. It’s like getting the most natural plastic surgery possible, based on muscles. Plus, it improves your posture, and your confidence. It also helped be before, during and after childbirth!"

I love Pilates. It is the one fitness plan I always come back to - the one I always get results from, and I am passionate about it!


I started with mat classes long ago, but my love for Pilates really bloomed when I took a reformer class with Chris Hall, who owns Studio 8. I started with a duet class and then switched to private sessions. I’ve been a client for years now.
Our daily lives cause such wear and tear on our bodies. My poor posture, poor body-use, and desk job all contributed to the development of a herniated disk in my lower back. The moment I was unable to get out of bed and stand on my own was when I finally promised myself to better focus on my body.

It took almost a full year of physical therapy to recover from the injury. Once I was cleared from therapy, I returned to Pilates, where Chris, slowly and safely, helped me get stronger through one-on-one private sessions. Now, I rarely have back pain anymore. I move freely. In fact, my body is even better than before, despite my injury. I’ve come so far.

Easing Transitions with Pilates


This past year I was pregnant, and I knew I’d need to continue with Pilates as close to my due date as possible. With guidance from Chris, I made it well into my third trimester. Because of them, and the strength and deeper focus of their sessions, I felt confident in my ability to handle labor and delivery.
Ultimately, I ended up delivering by emergency C-section. I was very concerned about how this major abdominal surgery would affect my body and back. Six weeks post-operation, and after being cleared by my doctor, I returned to Studio 8, where after eight weeks of sessions I felt 70% back to my pre-pregnancy strength. My abs were working again, and I could hold my 13 pound 3-month-old without strain. In my health and fitness history, I’ve done everything. Pilates has been the best fit for me. It’s like getting the most natural plastic surgery possible, based on muscles! Plus, it improves your posture, and your confidence.

Studio 8 is filled with warm, genuine and inviting people. They’re there to help you achieve your personal best; what you really want to get from your body. I feel so fortunate to have found a fitness regimen that works so well for me. I feel so fortunate to be part of this studio.

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